When things fall apart - Pema Chodron

By Izzy Afriyie



This book taught me how to have find peace in all of my experiences—the ones I deem bad, and the ones I deem good. The problem is that a lot of us think we should not have our problems. We only want to have good experiences, and feel good all the time. So we spend our time here on earth trying to avoid pain and seeking to experience pleasure. However this attitude does not reflect the reality of what life is.  The good and the bad things that happen in our lives enriches our experiences. 

I will pose this question to you. Could you imagine a life where everything is good and perfect all the time? If your answer is a no, then you are thinking like I am. Because I think I, too, will find such a life to be extremely boring.

I think the good and the bad experiences develop the essence of our humanity. More often that not, the things we consider bad are not really bad. And the reverse is also true.  We only think they are bad in the moment when they happen because they make us feel bad. However, in retrospect, we find that sometimes a lot of the bad breaks that we have, and a lot of the things that do not work out, really are a blessing in disguise.


You  need to develop a trust for the beautiful intelligence that is the universe. You have to understand that nothing is working against you, that all things work in your favor. Gain the realization that  even when it feels painful and uncomfortable, it is not meant to harm you. It is not meant to destroy you. It is meant to allow you to expand yourself a little bit more, to challenge yourself a little bit more, and to get to know yourself a little deeper.

I find that my most growth, creativity, and expansion has come during some of my most difficult and uncomfortable times. I find that there is nothing that comes my way that I do not have the inherent ability to overcome. The tough times force me to tap deeper into those abilities. So I keep pushing knowing that the discomfort will only be temporary, but the reward will be boundless.

I strongly encourage you to grab a copy of this book HERE