The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell

By Izzy Afriyie

HERE IS MY REVIEW of Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point:

I always get so excited to read Malcolm Gladwell’s books because the guy is simply brilliant! Have you ever wondered how certain trends take over the world out of nowhere? No, it does not happen by magic, and this book has the answer. This book illustrates how a simple word of mouth can quickly catapult a particular trend, product, or service to its tipping point.


1.THE POWER OF THE FEW: It takes a few people, sometimes just one person to start a trend. These are the innovators or trendsetters. A trendsetter just needs to get the information to three kinds of people, namely the connector, market maven, and the persuader. These are the type of people who have the ability and the power to translate the message of the innovator in a way that the rest of us can relate to and understand.

2.THE CONNECTOR: These are the type of people who just know a lot of people. They have a large audience and know the right people to reach out to about anything and the right time to do so.

3.THE MARKET MAVEN: These are the type of people with extensive knowledge about an industry, product, or service. They are the type of people who know how much the same sweater sells for at Target and at Walmart. These people are interested in and know a lot of things that the rest of us do not know and for that reason, they are highly trusted. When they make recommendations people follow.

4.THE PERSUADERS(salespeople): These are the types of people with a lot of passion and enthusiasm about the trend. They can dominate a conversation with their enthusiasm and can persuade others to think the way they do in just about anything.

5.To start a trend, you will need content that sticks with people. Facebook and Instagram, how sticky are those two? When the phrase is catchy, when the product is sticky, people will continue to use them.

It is easy to think that to solve a problem or make a huge impact, we need to exhaust an extravagant amount of resources, but that is not always true. With just the right push, anyone can start a trend that will spread rapidly like an epidemic disease in a way that millions of dollars cannot.

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