LET's Talk About the story that lies within you

There is a spirit that lives within us. This spirit is who were are. It is different from out mind and the thoughts that are produced in our mind. We are not our mind. We are not the thoughts that come out of our mind.
The mistake we often make it to believe that we are our thoughts and that our thoughts are true. However, this thinking is not accurate.

Who we really are is the spirit that is within us.

We find ourselves in a lot of trouble when we listen to the intelligence of the mind alone. We ought to be connected with the spirit that lies within us and operate from the intelligence. We ought to allow that intelligence to guide our lives.

In moments when you find ourselves in tough situations. It is a reminder to get back and connect wit the spirit that lies within us. It is our guide. And it will lead us towards the right direction.

Izzy Afriyie