The prayer that is answered is the one inspired by the soul, not the ego.

Here is a powerful personal story on how I came to a profound realization about the prayer that is answered.


In 2015, I found myself in a job I wholeheartedly disliked. The work was dull, and my manager was unbearable to work with. I wanted a change—I needed a change. Each evening, I would practice my meditation and after my mind was clear and my egoic mind was less active, I would sincerely pray and ask God for a new opportunity.

I applied to different companies for a similar position as the one I had, but nothing came of it. After about two weeks of searching, I got a random call from a recruiter who told me she found me on linkedIn. She told me she could set up an interview for a job she thought I would be perfect for. I do not remember applying for a job with that recruiting company. For starters, the position she set the interview for isn’t one I would have thought myself qualified for. I would not have consciously applied for that position had I seen it.

The recruiter set up the job interview for the following Friday evening. That Friday morning, before the interview, I went into my boss’s office and quit my job. Here I was, now jobless and only with a prospect for a new job. I knew I had nothing to lose and I went into the interview with that mindset. I interviewed with three top managers. During the interview, I was completely myself. I laid down all I had to offer and concluded by letting them know I was just looking for an opportunity to learn and be mentored. I had the best job interview I had ever had, and I left knowing I had done the right thing. I did not tell anyone about what I had done, and I went about my weekend as if nothing had changed. I had a deep knowing that everything would be fine.

The following Monday morning, a little after 9:am, I got a text message from the recruiter. She informed me I got the job. She told me she had been working with that company for years, and the decision to hire me was the quickest she had ever received from the company. And the cherry on top, the new position paid $12,000 more than I was making earlier.

At that moment, I came to understand the prayer that worked. I wrote down in my notebook that evening, “never let me ask for anything until my mind is cleared through meditation and my spirit is connected with that which I ask for.” As I will explain in another post, in retrospect, it turned out I needed to quit that job exactly when I quit it!


The prayer that works is the one that is inspired by your spirit—by your soul. It is the one that is inspired from a place other than your ego. Often times we pray, we ask, we seek, and we knock, but not on the door of what we really want. We seek what we think we should have. We knock on the door of what others have. We ask for what others think we should have. We ask for the things that will make us acceptable and in some cases enviable by others. We seek solutions that have worked for others and hope they work for us too. We knock on the door of what will make us “better than” in the eyes of others. For some of us, we have created a narrow image of what we feel worthy and deserving of and we beg for them as a pauper begs for change on the street.

We pray to service the desires of the ego instead of the desires of our spirit.

The prayer that is answered is the prayer that is inspired by the desires of your spirit. It is the prayer that is independent of your ego. The universe gives, and it gives abundantly and whatever it is that you seek from the depth of your spirit, you find. There is no shortage of grace and favor. All you need to do is to come to a place where your spirit is genuinely connected to that which you seek. it is the principle of the universe. When you ask, you receive; when you seek, you find; and when you knock, the door opens. Every. Single. Time!

By Izzy Afriyie

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