The gifts of imperfection - brene brown

By Izzy Afriyie

HERE IS MY REVIEW of Brene Brown ‘s book, The Gifs Of Imperfection:

Before I read  this book I was convinced I had no shame. And that was because I did not know what perfectionism was. I did not know shame was the birthplace of perfectionism.

Let me ask you these questions:

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you do not allow yourself to get too excited about an exciting future event or even tell others about it? Because you are afraid of the letdown that comes with things not working out?

Have you ever been too afraid to express gratitude because you feel the moment you do, trouble will rear its ugly head and make you prove just how grateful you are about life?

Have you ever been imagining or day dreaming about something wonderful and all of a sudden a quick flash of  something negative pops up in your mind to ruin everything? 

Is that you too? Well, we are not alone. Let’s blame things on perfectionism.

Perfectionism is the addictive belief system that makes you think that if you look perfect, live perfectly and do everything perfectly then you can avoid the painful feeling of shame, judgement and blame. Perfectionism prevents us from expressing vulnerability, forming genuine connections and engaging in our lives wholeheartedly.


Brene Brown is a researcher who researches the behavior patterns of people who live life wholeheartedly and the things that prevent others from living that kind of life. This book will help you become aware of your personal sense of shame. That is, the areas of your life where shame shows up and influence your life without you even noticing. It will help you open up your heart more and live life more fully!

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