so good they cannot ignore you - Cal Newport

By Izzy Afriyie

HERE IS MY REVIEW of Cal Newport’s book, So Good They Cannot Ignore You:

Have you ever heard the phrase, ” Follow your passion,” and then felt completely energized by it?

Well, this book completely debunks the “follow your passion” theory as being dangerous.

Cal argues that most people do not have a pre-existing passion waiting to be discovered and matched to a career. Therefore,  telling people to follow their passion could be dangerous.

Cal introduces a concept he calls ‘Career Capital’ which I fully subscribe to. He argues that the traits that make work enjoyable and great are rare and valuable. If you want these traits in your career and life, you  have to develop rare and valuable skills in exchange for these traits.

In the process of developing this career capital, passion follows you instead of you following a passion.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book outliers, Malcolm argues that it takes a minimum of 10,000 hours for a person to become an expert at something. This book takes it a step further to argue that about half of those 10,000 hours need to be spent doing ‘deliberate practice‘ – a process in which a person deliberately stretches his or her abilities beyond their comfort zone.

This, he argues is the key to becoming so good they can’t ignore you!

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