There are at least two aspects to this type of fear. There is the fear of failure that usually results from the fear of personal disappointment that you feel when you completely put yourself out there, do all you can, but still do not get the results  you seek. This form of fear is simply an illusion because there is no such thing as wasted effort. And although we ought to work hard to overcome this form of fear, in my opinion, it is not as dangerous as the other form of fear of failure. Which is the fear of failure that results from the fear of failing BEFORE OTHERS. This form of fear is the real disease of the mind. It is the form of fear that will discourage your initiative, undermine your enthusiasm, and kill off your certainty of purpose.

By all means, allow yourself to fail before others. Exhilarating freedom awaits you!

There are so many people who have said no to their dreams because of what others will think. They have confined themselves into a self-created small box of limitations based on what others perceive as possible.  They do not allow themselves to get out of that box for fear of being laughed at, being told no, having their audacity questioned (like who told you, you could do that), or for fear of appearing as though they are trailing behind in the “race” of life.

But life is never about any of that stuff. It is not about what others think you should want, what others think you can have, what others have, what solutions have worked for others, or what people like you can get.

It is about what you dare to believe your purpose is, and your conviction to never quit until it materializes in its full glory.

And yes, in the beginning, you may suck, and that is okay. Others may laugh, but you overlook it. And they may look down on you, but you turn the other way.


first, they ignore you, 

then they laugh at you, 

then they fight you, 

then you win!


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