Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell

By Izzy Afriyie

HERE IS MY REVIEW of Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers:

Another extremely entertaining and mind-opening book.

Do you believe the place where a person comes from matters in terms of the level of success that person can accumulate? Well, this book makes the argument that it does indeed matter where a person comes from. 


1.People do not just rise to success. It takes a calculated amount of events and opportunities for success to happen. People who are given more privileges and opportunities have higher tendencies to succeed. Even for those who rise from nothing to incredible success stories, their opportunities lie in their own struggles or the struggles of their families.

2.It takes a minimum of about ten thousand hours to become an expert at something. Bill Gates, the Beatles, and Bill Joy all put in their ten thousand hours. Before Bill Gates dropped out of college to start his own business, he had had the opportunity to put in his ten thousand hours.

3.After a certain point, a person’s level of intelligence or IQ does not play a role in his or her level of success. What matters is the type of environment, experiences, and family that person grows up in.

The truth is, you may have been disadvantaged through the school system, the type of family you grew up in, certain cut off dates, and the type of environment you were exposed to. These may be through no faults of your own. However going forward, what you can control is the type of influences you expose yourself to, and how you make use of your time. Are you putting in your ten thousand hours? If an opportunity were to arise today would you be ready for it? Well, successful people always are!

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