Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius


     Marcus Aurelius was a roman emperor and a stoic philosopher. In his book meditations, he offers practical steps on how to apply stoic philosophy in our everyday lives. This is not the type of book you read leisurely. This is the type of book you study.

Here Are Some Incredible Lessons to Take Away from This Book


  1. All that we need to be able to avoid real harm has been placed within us. If there was anything harmful on the other side of death, we would have been given the ability to avoid it. But you cannot avoid your own death, can you? With that thinking, if death is neither harmful nor to be feared, then what is there to be feared about living?
  2.  Your concern should not be about what others are doing. Leave people alone to their “mistakes” and “wrongful” ways. Neither should you become a slave to other people’s ignorance. Your concern should be about paying attention to the power that resides within. Worship that power within you by making sure that it is free from turmoil, superior to pain and pleasure, and it is not dependent on the actions of others.
  3. 3.Your ability to accurately and logically analyze the things that happen to you is your key to spiritual growth. When things happen to you, the questions to ask are: what need the incident fulfills, what it has come to draw your attention to, and what qualities you need to bring in order to bear the incident. An incident is not harmful to you unless you interpret it as such.
  4. 4.You are wasting your time regardless of how hard you work if you do not have a purpose to direct all of your thoughts and impulses towards. Just like the sun, the moon, the ocean, and the stars, you were created to fulfill a purpose. Find it and direct all your actions towards them.
  5. 5.Life is short and it can be taken away from you at any moment. Let that understanding inspire what you do and say.



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