How to truly let go of negative thoughts.form disagreement with negative thoughts


To truly let go of your negative thoughts, you have to come into disagreement with those thoughts. This may be a hard pill to swallow but most of the negative thought patterns we have continue to persist in our minds because we have formed agreements with them. To let them go, you have to come into peaceful disagreement with them.

If you have ever felt shame, fear, insecure, jealous, or envious, congratulations! Your mind works, and you are fully human. If you have heard the voice that reminds you of your shortfalls, how you do not measure up, and how things will never turn around for you, again, great job! Your ego is in full function. And for those who think and feel as though you just suck at life, you win it all! Your mind works. Your ego works. And you have become its greatest ally.

But at any point, you can choose to not be an ally.

 You are not required to think those thoughts and feel the emotions that they bring. You can choose to “be in disagreement with them.”

It is completely normal to have negative thoughts. To do so is fully human. You may have legitimate reasons from events that have transpired in your life to support why you have those thoughts. You may have ample evidence to support why you feel the way you feel about your life. But within yourself, at the depth of your soul, you can choose what you make agreements with. Irrespective of the evidence or reasons you may have, you can choose what is allowed to exist in your life—within your soul—and what isn’t allowed in.

The truth is, your mind is constantly at work. It is constantly looking around and gathering information and evidence based on the experiences that we have, and the things we expose your mind to. It performs an intelligent calculation based on what it gathers and gives you things to fear or to be anxious and wary about. In the mind’s defense, it does so to “protect” you.

But you are not your mind, and the information that your mind brings you is not the objective truth. 

More often than not, it is only a perception that you have formed. And when you believe that perception and open your heart to allow it to sink into your soul, that is when you live a life inspired by fear. That is when you begin to feel shame, jealousy, self-doubt, and insecurities. You allow your mind, and the events that happen around you to determine your experience of life.

But there is something bigger within you whose function is to determine the experience of your life. And that is your soul—your true self. You are the one who determines what your life experience is, not your mind. Be the one who chooses the emotional state you want to live in not your mind. You are the one who chooses what is possible for you in life, not your mind. And finally, you are the one who decides where you can go and who can become, not your mind. The information that your mind gathers based on the things that happen around you does not have to dictate your life. You should dictate it.


When a negative thought comes to mind or a negative emotion arises out of me, I take a moment to acknowledge that thought or emotion. I silently talk to them and send them away. For example, if I feel anger or hatred towards someone, I take time to acknowledge that anger or hatred. Without saying it out loud, I tell the anger, “there are reasons that have inspired your presence within me, and you may have served my ego in the past, and made me feel good in my self-righteousness, but I choose to let you go now.  You are not welcome within me anymore. I send you away with healing, forgiveness, and love. And I heal the part of me that you previously occupied, and invite the spirit of God, of love and of light within me.”

If a feel anxious because I am broke, I speak to the anxiety. I say, “ anxiety, you are inspired by a feeling of scarcity. I have allowed a feeling of scarcity a place within my soul and it is occupying space within my soul. I choose to let scarcity go now. I no longer welcome it in my life. I am an expression of the infinite power that is God. There is no scarcity where God is because God operates in abundance. Therefore I am abundance. The spirit of scarcity, you may have served me in the past by giving me reasons to stay in mediocrity. You may have served my ego in the past, but I choose to let you go now. I send you away with abundance and love. And I welcome the spirit of abundance within my soul.”

This practice for letting for forming disagreements with the negative thoughts works for me like magic! 

It has helped me let go of a lot of negative emotions and perceptions of my life. And every day, I am encouraged to declare into my life what I want to exist in my life as opposed to what my mind tells me should or will exist in my life. My soul, I, dictate and my mind follows!

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