How To BE HERE- Rob Bell

By Izzy Afriyie

HERE IS MY REVIEW of Rob Bell’s book, How To Be Here:

I will give you two pieces of advice:

1-If you do not listen to the Rob Bell’s podcast, go here to start listening HERE.

2-Go grab a copy of this book.

This is one of the most substantive, well written books I have ever read! This is literally a book about being here. I cannot do it enough justice with a review.

Pain, disappointment, and heartbreaks exist, and they are a part of life. And so is joy. The goal is to be present for all of it. That is, to not work to escape them.  Rather, it is to find peace within the discomforts. And be brave enough to live out your lives purpose through it all.



Rob Bell is one of the few spiritual teachers who truly understand the human experience. He does not speak in parables. Neither does not speak in theory. Instead, he authentically and intelligently articulates what it means to be human living through the ups and downs that life comes with.  

Grab a copy of this book HERE!