I love how we have all made ourselves believe that life will automatically become perfect the moment the clock hits at midnight on January 1st, 2021, and the year 2020 is over. I love our collective optimism. 2021, a brand new year, filled with fresh new possibilities, and exciting adventures. And even if we have to wear something as tiny as a little mask through it all, or even if we silently retrieve into a brief moment of paranoia the moment someone next to us coughs or sneezes, it is still 2021, the year the gods made it all better. And what is a little inconvenience between neighbors?

The winter is not too cold, the summer is not too hot, and there is an endless supply of stimulus checks.

We sit on our beds at night, in a room lighted by vanilla-scented candles we practically got for a steal from bed bad & beyond, and in a meditative position, we manifest into existence the life we have always wanted. The person we have crushed on for years suddenly loves us and wants to marry us. We are winning at our jobs because we are our boss’ favorite. And the coworkers we can’t stand all switched jobs and moved out of town. The student’s loan department and all other collection agencies lost our contact information, and have decided to forgive our debts. Because why bother? And we have been specially selected to meet the Queen because of our humanitarian deeds and our relentless pursuit to help the needy.

Ahh 2021, the year the snow tasted like candy. And bad things only happened to those we don’t like.

And in the spirit of vibrating higher, and working with the universe to ensure that 2021 and beyond is just our best time on earth yet, we adopt these five practices in our daily lives:


Meditate regularly,

Read More Books,

Exercise regularly,

Adopt  gratitude practice, and

Actively Seek to build genuine and loving relationships with those we admire and or love.


  Meditate Regularly


We meditate regularly to get rid of the bad vibes and energy that just does not mesh well with our spirits. And we open our hearts to receive all the exciting promises that the universe has installed for us. We center ourselves to keep ourselves grounded and less reactive to the events that happen around us. Instead, we actively take charge of our lives and become proactive co-creators of our lives with infinite intelligence, that is the universe. We spend time with ourselves, get to know who we really are in our essence. And we fall in love with the beauty that exists within us, and that is us.

Read More Non-Fiction Books


We read more nonfiction books to become wiser and also to open minds to more wholesome content. You cannot dream of what you do not know, what you do not see, or what you do not understand. So by reading nonfiction books, we expand our understanding. We expose ourselves to lives that are not like ours. And begin to see the possibilities of what we could also do and be in this world. We expand our worlds beyond the limits that we have created in our minds because of the family or environments we grew up in. And we see a bigger reality of the world other than what we have created in our minds. Thoughts we have never had before begins to emerge. We begin to have nudges that inspire us to on a
particular journey. And when we obey those nudges, we set our lives in motion to embark on a ride of a lifetime.

Exercise Regularly


Exercising is one guaranteed way to put ourselves in a good mood. So just in case the devil sends his minions our way and they succeed at ruining our moods, we can be guaranteed that the many endorphins we have secreted and accumulated in our bodies over time will kick in and protect us from the venom they secrete. Also, we will stay healthy and more likely will live longer, to enjoy the fruits of our labor. And as an added bonus, we will look really great in those outfits.

 Adopt A Daily Gratitude practice


In the words of Ms. Opray Winfrey,

Gratitude is its own energy field. When you acknowledge and are grateful for whatever you have, it allows more to be drawn to you and changes the way you experience life. Grace is transformative. The more grateful you are, the more grace mirrors the gratitude that you have.

So irrespective of the circumstance that we may find ourselves in, we exercise gratitude for what we already have. And we also express gratitude for what we would like to see more of in our lives as though we already have them. This genuine expression and feelings of gratitude will attract to us more of what we would like to see in our lives.

Actively Seek to build genuine and loving relationships with those we admire and or love.


Have you heard of this phrase, you are the average of the 5 people you hang around? Yes, the people we surround ourselves with the matter. So we ensure that we surround ourselves with the people who are doing things that we admire. Because we will inadvertently pick on the attitude, beliefs, and theories that they have adopted to produce the results we admire. When we also surround ourselves we those we love, we feed on the love we give them and the love we get in return from them. And we enjoy the  

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