Becoming - Michelle obama

By Izzy Afriyie


Michelle Obama is by all measures a phenomenal women. This books takes the reader through her journey to becoming that woman.

Becoming  is one of the most riveting, astonishing, inspiring, and well-written books I have ever read. There is a reason this book is on track to be the highest selling memoir of all time and it is not just because Michelle Obama wrote it. It’s because the human who is Michelle Obama exemplifies the highest sense of decency, humility, humanity, and integrity that most people aspire to be.



She takes us through her journey from an apartment building she shared with her parents on the south side of Chicago all the way to the White House. She shares her doubts, insecurities, challenges, and her journey to finding her voice in the overly critical world she and her husband found themselves in.

This book is authentically raw! And the best part of it is that you don’t come out from reading this book thinking of her as someone out of the ordinary. She has dinned with the queen of England. She has hosted the pope. And she is married to one of the most powerful humans on the face of the earth. With all of her accomplishment, you do not read this book and think of her as someone unapproachable. You do not think of her success as something unattainable. Instead you think of her as Michelle Obama, the forever cool auntie who is always cheering you on, and rooting for you to succeed.  

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