A New Earth: Let The old Self Die. Give Room For A Rebirth.

2020 has been a difficult year for me. With the outbreak of a pandemic and the unearthing of the deep racism that has plagued this nation for years, 2020 has been a difficult year for the world at large. However, outside all of this, 2020 has been an extremely difficult year for me in my personal life. And to think I entered this year thinking this year was going to be my year of breakthrough—the year that I saw the results of my years of hard work and dedication. The universe probably looked at my wish list on new year’s eve, and had a great laugh.

But this fact I know for sure. When I am given lemons, I turn it into lemonade. When I am faced with an obstacle, I understand it to be the way. I understand that if I am patient enough, corporative enough, and strong enough to endure, the obstacle becomes my guide.

And in a pure Izzy fashion, I decided my obstacles were going to become my way. So through the tears, the constant heartaches, and the noise, I decided to teach myself how to professionally edit videos and build websites. I know I have a voice, whether it is through the legal world or the world of yoga and mindfulness, I know I have something positive to contribute, and I wanted to create the space to enable me make that contribution.

I am extremely proud of myself. About 7 months ago, I looked at a professional video editing software and WordPress, and fell asleep out of mere depression. Reading, writing, and arguing, I know how to do. But coding, plugins, and keyframes were a foreign language I didn’t even feel worthy of speaking. But I was determined to learn. So through pure grit and many late nights, I was able to learn. I built this website by myself from scratch with lots of love, and dedication.

With this website, my goal is to inspire you. I want to help you understand that wherever you may find yourself, God, the universe is only a breath away. And the life you dream of is a change in perception away.

I hope you will support me.

Izzy Afriyie